Affiliate Links – How To

Once you sign up as an affiliate, and you log in to E-junkie (our shopping cart system) when you get your affiliate link it’ll be a page that looks like this:

From this page there are 2 different kinds of link you can get.  The first one is the Common Affiliate Hop Link at the top.  That link goes to – the main page of the shop.

You can also get Product Specific Affiliate Links – choose the product you want to link to, and click “get affiliate code.”  When someone clicks on the Product Specific link it takes them directly to the page for that product.

Ok – so how do I use this?

If you have a web site you can put HTML code into, then all you have to do is copy and paste the link in to the code for the page – easy as that…

But what if I want to put my link on Facebook or Twitter, or use it in an email?

Also very easy, but not obvious – so here’s the trick:

For any of those situations what you need is the actual link, not the code to insert the link in a web page (which is what E-junkie gives you.)

Fortunately, the link is easy to find in the code.

It’s everything between the first set of quotation marks in the code.

In the example above, it’s

All you really need to do is copy and paste that in to your email or Facebook post or whatever…..

But it’s so UGLY

Yes, yes it is.  But that’s easy to fix as well.  Just take the link and paste it into a url shortener (like or

Here’s an example using SnipURL and the example link above (obviously use your own link – this is just a sample…)

Start at

Copy and paste your link into the “Long URL” box

Click the “Snip it!” button

Take your new short URL (in this case and use it anywhere you want to put your affiliate link (Facebook, Twitter, email, billboards on the highway, whatever…) it will work exactly the same way – it’s just a lot shorter and less scary.